Re-launch of Hearth Tax Online newsletter

Some time ago, we started sending out an e-mail newsletter to keep people informed and updated about Hearth Tax Online and many people signed up to receive it. Unfortunately, we had a few technical problems and some other issues which meant we couldn’t send out as many newsletters as we would have liked or send them out as regularly as we expected. Apologies to those of you who signed up and haven’t, as yet, received anything

The great news is that this is all set to change and we now have a new system for sending out regular newsletters to all our mailing list subscribers. The newsletter will appear in your e-mail inbox twice a year, one edition for spring/summer (despatched around April) and one for autumn/winter (sent out just before Christmas). It will contain all the latest news about Hearth Tax Online and information about other related  projects and resources.

If you are already a mailing list subscriber, the first edition of the new newsletter will be with you in the next day or so and we’d love your feedback on it. You can add your comments and suggestions to this post.

If you are not already on the mailing list, you can sign up here and your first edition of the newsletter will arrive in spring 2015.

Remember, you can also subscribe to this blog or follow us on Twitter for all the very latest news as it happens!


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