Innovative 3D reproduction of 17th Century London

Congratulations to Pudding Lane Productions who have won the 2013 Off The Map competition for their 3D reproduction of 17th Century London, designed using references taken from the historic maps in the British Library.

The ‘flythrough’ centres around the Pudding Lane area of restoration London, although it is not always entirely clear which street is which. It would be really interesting to relate this mapping to the London hearth tax. For example, here is the entry for Pudding Lane on the eve of the Great Fire, listing the very oven that started the blaze:

  Pudding Lane The East   side  
x Richard Peele hooke & eye mkr’ 4
x Mary Collier cooper 7
  Fish Yard   
Hugh Amies porter 3
Leake p’ish clearke 2
Henry More waterbearer 1
Thomas Birt sexton 1
Widd Thomas 1
Empty. 5. 5
Empty. 4. 4
  40 76
x Mary Whittacre widd 2
George Porter plasterer 3
Widd Gander 1
Benjamin Burstow 1
Thomas Knight glasier 4
Alice Spencer 4
Empty 3
x John Bibie turner 3
x Thomas Farrinor baker 5
[&]1 oven 1
William Ludford plasterer 3
[&] 1 stop up 1
[blank] Jones 2
x Susanna Noest 3
Empty 3

The records of the 1666 hearth tax for London are very detailed and it might well be possible to tie together the document and the maps with this digital presentation; that would be very exciting!


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