Monthly Random Hearth Tax Transcript

This month, to catch up from January, we thought we’d post transcripts of two parishes from neighbouring counties that shared a common border.

The parish of Stanford Bishop in Broxash hundred in the county of Herefordshire

Hearth Tax, 1664L

John Tompkins gt. 4
Alexander Hancox gt. 3
Ann Giles widow 7
Richard Dymocke 2
Elizabeth Dymocke 3
William Wright 3
Richard Whitehead 2
George Fincher clre 1
William Hincksman 2
Richard Abell 2
John Vale 1
John Kinnard 1
Thomas Lane 1
Thomas Weaver 1
Ann Homes widow 1
John Deakin 1
Not Chargeable  
John Yapp 1
Francis Poolehouse 1
Richard Sterling 1
Richard Reeve sen 1
Richard Reeve iun 1
John Jenkins 1
Wm. Walker 1
Wm. Brooke 1
Wm. Hay 1
Thomas Aspery 1
Edward Aspery 1
Katherine Aspery 1
John Hay 1
Charles Paine 1
Wm. Crispe 1
Ann Kinnard 1
Ann Jones 1
Jane Bubb 1

The parish of Shelsley Beauchamp in Doddingtree hundred in the county of Worcestershire

Hearth Tax, 1664M

Richard Avenant 8
Charles Nott 3
John Noxon 2
Thomas Collins 2
James Porter 3
John Norman 2
Thomas Bryan 1
John Goode 1
Thomas Butler 2
Thomas Bushell 2
Richard Wood 1
Richard Spillsbury 2
Anthony Newman 1
Thomas Cooke 3
John Mills 6
Dorothy Mills 2
William Eaton 1
Charles Nott 3
William Barker 1
George Millman 1

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