Discovered something Interesting…?

Discovered something interesting…?
Found an ancestor? Learned about a community? Discovered a dark secret?

Whatever you have found using Hearth Tax Online, tell us about it! You can contact Hearth Tax Online or, better still, post and discuss your discovery here on the blog.

Information about how you use Hearth Tax Online helps us to keep it running and providing free-of-charge access, so please do get in touch!



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3 responses to “Discovered something Interesting…?

  1. John Phillips

    1) Found the street where Mrs Bagwell – one of diarist Samuel Pepys’ mistresses – lived by having a preview of the 1670 Deptford, Kent return. This along with other material (notably her & her husbands’ wills) helped reinforce the view that the Deptford shipbuilding community was closely integrated by both physical proximity and kinship. See /In Depth Articles/Bagwell for more.
    2) Using the 1664 Deptford return was able to make an estimate of the total population at that time around 4,250.
    3) When I’ve got access to all of the 1670 return I’m hoping to build up a virtual census for the parish by searching for the names of the returnees and their kin on BMDs and other records. It won’t be 100% but may give an approximate picture.
    Thank you for making this material available- I’m having a lot of fun!.

  2. I have discovered several ancestors amongst the Kent returns, and also lerant some new spelling variants for some other of my family last names. This is always useful when looking for early ancestors in other records.

  3. The final outputs from the Heart Tax On-line Project will be major boosts to genealogists and historians alike. The outputs from this ground breaking project are opening up a means of easy access to the important information contained within the 17th century English hearth tax returns to researchers all over the world.
    I first became aware of this project and its various web site presences at;

    …while undertaking local history research. I then came back to it for undertaking research into identifying the issuers of several of the many thousands of private mid 17th century traders who issued tokens in various parts of Britain during the period 1648/9 to 1672. Unfortunately my main areas of interest, the cities of London and Westminster plus their immediate environs are not yet (as of May 2013) on-line so I have to work with alternative searchable transcriptions on the British History On-line Web Site (

    Hopefully funding for this project will continue or is already fully secured to allow it to meet its final aims and objectives.

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