Monthly Random Hearth Tax Transcript

This month’s random hearth tax transcript is…

The Township of Heddon on the Wall and East Heddon, in the county of Northumberland.

Hearth Tax, 1666L

Tho: Clerke 2
Tho: Fenwick 1
Geo: Barker 1
Geo: Kell 1
Mr Cuth: Fenwicke 8
John Tumen 1
Geo: Bewicke 1
John Hutcheson 1
Wm. Coulson 1
Bar. Spoone 1
Andrew Lee 1
Hen: Hopper 1
Nich: Johnston 1
Raphe Pescod 1
Willm. Laidley 1
Wm. Wiseman 1
Geo; Dykesfield 1
Rich: Pearson 1
Mary Birsley 1
Margery Gray 1
Jane Bewicke 1
Grizell Hobson 1
Elsab: Newlands 1

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