Monthly Random Hearth Tax Transcript

This month’s random hearth tax transcript is…

The Township of Kildwick, in Staincliffe Wapentake in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Hearth Tax, 1672L

Hugh Currer gen 14
Mr Robert Collins 3
Mr John Coates 10
Roger Carrocks 2
Jane Netherwood 2
Tho Waterhouse 2
Thomas Coates 1
Rich Holmes 7
Hugh Hudson 3
Henry Briggs 1
Henry Wood 1
Michael Turner 1
Henry Wilson 1
George Emmott 1
Henry Scott 2
Henry Scott 1
Edward Wilson 1
George Baxter 1
Henry Smith 1
Richard Briggs 1
Widdow Hardacrees 1
Robert Smith 1
Michaell Clough 1
Empty & noe distress to be had  
George Ellmott for  
the Freeschoole 2
Thomas Jenkinson 1
Omitted by reason of poverty 1

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