Monthly Random Hearth Tax Transcript

This month’s random hearth tax transcript is…

The parish of Brough Sowerby in Westmorland

 Hearth Tax, 167oM 

Robt Walker 1
John Nivyson 1
Rould Key 1
Hen Robinson 1
John Busfeild 1
Lanc Wilkin 1
Rich Summer 1
Hen Ladyman 1
Hen Compston 1
Geo Ladyman 1
Rich Compson 1
John Ladyman 1
Mich Cooke 1
John Wharton 1
Tho Monkhouse 1
Willm Busfeild 1
Tho Busfeild 1
Edw: Busfeild 1
John Wardell 1
James Glenton 1
Mich Wharton 1
Rich: Battersbye 2
Edw: Wardell 1
Tho Wastell 1
Robt Collyson 1
Tho Wilkin 1
Hen Ladyman 1
These persons following are discharged by Certificates  
Margt Ladyman 1
Robt Compston 1
Tho Compston 1
Cuth Compston 1
Edw: Jackson 1
Chr Ellis 1
John Mecke 1
Tho Green 1
Willm Wilkin 1
Elliner Wardell 1

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