Monthly Random Hearth Tax Transcript

This month’s random hearth tax transcript is…

The constabulary of Langthorne in Hallikeld Wapentake in the North Riding of Yorkshire

Hearth Tax, 1673M 

Mr Tho: Norton 7
Tho: Pearson 1
Chr Hunt 1
Chr Craike 1
Tho: Smithson 2
Jo: Langstaffe 1
Math Warde 1
Geo: Smithson 1
Mr Raper 4
Jo: Norton 1
Edw: Loftas 1
Mr Tho: Wise 2
Wd Dodsworth 1
Tho: Wilson 1
Hen: Langstaffe 1
Chr Langstaffe 1
Rd Pearson 1
Jo: Langstaffe 1
These persons following are  
discharged per legall Cert  
Hen: Arnet 1
Eliz: Westland 1
Wd Morland 1

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